Our activation around the launch of Kellogg’s new Special K Smoothie Pouches combined sponsorship activation and in-store sampling. 


The Cadbury Netball Series saw crowds flood through the doors of Pulman Arena in Auckland. Special K,  being the official breakfast partner of the Silver Ferns, took the opportunity to showcase the delicious new Special K Smoothie pouches to spectators across the four days.

Brand Ambassadors were equipped with branded roaming trays and stationed themselves on exit of the arena each evening, distributing full-sized pouches of the new Special K Smoothies.

In-store Sampling

We took the delicious new Special K Smoothie pouches to supermarkets around the country. The creamy dairy blend, designed to be eaten on the go and sampled from roaming trays, allowed brand ambassadors to target shoppers of all ages. With three delicious flavours of Forest Berries, Mango and Blueberry,  there was something for everyone!