Back in March 2021, we worked alongside Frucor Suntory to bring the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge to New Zealand for the very first time. We travelled across the country, taking the giant Pepsi Max can to 6 regions throughout NZ. Our talent were responsible for running the event over 32 days in malls, university campuses, and taking the smaller taste challenge kit to 20 workplaces nationwide to surprise & delight office staff.

The Pepsi Max Taste Challenge asked Kiwi cola drinkers to challenge their taste buds in a blind taste test. Participants then got to select their favourite taste between two samples, before the brands were revealed. Our brand ambassadors conducted a total of 15,096 tests. The nation spoke, and 51%* preferred the refreshing taste of Pepsi Max, that contains absolutely zero sugar, when compared to the full sugar version of the market’s highest selling cola.

*50.6% of 15,096 participants chose the taste of Pepsi Max in blind taste tests against full sugar Coca Cola across New Zealand from 25.03.21 to 26.05.21