The Pepsi Soda Bar was created in response to a brief that asked us to create a mobile retail unit that was not only functional but capable of delivering a unique Pepsi brand experience to the target market where they choose to hang out.

Tapping into trends such as revivalism, DIY ingenuity, customisation and analogue love, we settled on an Airstream Argosy caravan as the perfect shell to create the Pepsi Soda Bar. Deadlines meant importing a caravan was out of the question but we tapped the extensive network of NZ’s leading US caravan and motor home importers to find a refurbishment project that had been put on hold. Rather than just polish it up, we literally took it apart!


The addition of a huge side opening was both functional and eye-catching. A large touchscreen allowed consumers to browse the Pepsi online store and Facebook page while on and behind the bar a range of custom Pepsi creations tempted tastebuds. Drawing on the Soda Bar theme, ice cream floats were a huge hit, along with slushies and a range of bottled product. 

The Pepsi Soda Bar has activated at a huge range of events and locations from the suburban parks of Auckland Council’s Music in the Park series to the opening ceremony of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Feedback about the both the physical asset and the brand experience delivered has been universally positive but for us the greatest satisfaction came from seeing people queueing like never before in New Zealand to purchase Pepsi products.