The New Zealand Pink Lady Growers Association is committed to growing the New Zealand domestic market, ensuring some of our own world class premium grade Pink Lady apples are available to Kiwi consumers between June & December each year. The Pink Lady Growers Association knew there was no better way to grow the market, than by getting Kiwis to try the apples for themselves!

Our Brand Ambassadors educated shoppers on Pink Lady Apples which have been grown in New Zealand and exported world-wide for several decades. It’s no wonder New Zealand grows some of the world’s best Pink Lady apples, as they grow best in similar conditions to wine grapes!

We activated 24 shifts in Auckland and Wellington, achieving an impressive 33.5% conversion rate (sampled to sold). Each purchase made a difference as Pink Lady apples has been proud Diamond Partners of Breast Cancer foundation NZ since 2016, so shoppers are supporting a great cause, while also know they’re getting good quality, every time.